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Today I was downtown at the zoo with my son and when we left it was lunch time so I was excited to hit up a food truck that doesn’t come out in my area. Miso Yummy has a neat combo of Hot Dogs, Ramen and Sushi with a Vietnamese and Korean twist. Be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter page to find out where they’ll be next.

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Of course my kiddo passes out right as we got in the car which worked out perfect for me. I got to eat in peace and quiet which is rare. Since I’m not in town often I ordered two things to try and took half home for my hubby.

I ordered the Slaw-P Dog $7 (100% Beef Dog topped with shredded cheese, a sweet tangy sesame coleslaw mix and our Asian sauce and signature yummy sauce). Thank goodness they stuck a knife and fork in my bag, because you’ll need it! I really liked the slaw flavor on top with all the sauces, but trying to eat the whole thing in one bite to get all the flavors is tricky.

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Next I ordered the Hot Mama Fries $7 (Zesty fries with shredded cheese, melted jalapeno cheese, and spicy snow crab mix topped with sriracha and spicy mayo.) These where really good, they put a ton of crab on top so it really brings the spice level down a little, but I just loved all the flavor combos so I’ll have to try something like this at home.

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I can’t wait to come back and try some of their Ramen and Sushi Rolls next time.

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