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As I have learned with my husband over and over about places you can’t judge by the outside. I think walking up he was ready to get back in the car and go somewhere else, but after talking him into it he agreed to give it a go. By the time we left he was saying he couldn’t wait to come back. Cravin’ Cajun is a newer place that opened up this past year and the word I keep hearing is they have the best boiled crawfish around. It’s also BYOB so it’s a great place to hit on the weekend. They serve Cajun food with an Asian Fusion. Sounds strange but it’s really good.

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We started out with their Cravin’ Fries $5.99 (Our famous Fries topped w/ our special shrimp, crawfish tails, & crab meat creamy sauce Finished off w/ onions, cilantro, &  spicy mayo) Totally worth ordering their sauce is really good!

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We also ordered the crawfish bites $5.99. The batter is nice on the crawfish, but ask for their seasoning it’ll kick it up a little.

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My son goes to town on Eggrolls so we ordered him the Eggroll Appetizer (3) $3.25 (Vietnamese Style: pork, carrots, onions, cabbage, & ermicelli wrapped in thin rice paper and deep fried until crisp. Served w/ lettuce leaves, fish sauce pickled carrots, & chili sauce) He ate them all so I’m thinking they passed the test.

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D ordered the Cravin’ Fried Rice $11.99 (Our famous Fried Rice topped w/ our  special shrimp, crawfish tails, & crab meat creamy sauce. Finished off w/ green onions & cilantro) He ended up taking most of this home for lunch the next day because it’s really filling. Sounds like a strange combo, but it works really well and reminds you of an ettoffee, but Asian style.

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I ordered the Shrimp Poboy $8.50 (You have a choice of Shrimp, Catfish, Oysters, Chicken, Spicy Sausage, Gator. The Southern Style Sandwich made w/ mayo, spicy mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, & pickles. Served on a French baguette. All Po-Boys served w/ Cajun fries.) I order again in a heart beat, I was truly shocked at how much shrimp was stuffed in this sandwich. I even took half home for lunch the next day and it was still delish.

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Can’t wait to come back to try their other items as well as their famous boiled crawfish this season.

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