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It’s cold, raining and I had to leave my kid in the car because he’s asleep. (Not to worry hubby is in there with him!) We checked out a new food truck near hubby’s office today and boy am I glad we made the effort to stop! Nom Mi Street is one of my new favorite trucks out there.

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We ordered the chicken Banh Mi $6 (baguette sandwich made with nom mi mayo, cilantro, pickle carrots, cucumber, jalapeno, ground pepper and soy sauce) and also the small Pork Nom Mi Fries $6.24 (ciantro, sesamee seed, cheese, onion, Nom Mi special sauce, and hot Sriracha chili sauce, choice of meat). The pork is the way to go! So tender and it melts in your mouth!! I would go back in a heart beat for both items.

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