We where invited by another couple to have brunch at MKT Bar in town before heading to an Astros game later that day. We had never been before and didn’t know what to expect. First of all it’s in the bottom story of a grocery store which above that is apartments. I have died and gone to heaven! If I ever have to move out of my house I’m moving here…..I can’t imagine what my grocery bill would be if I had access to that downstairs!

Ok, moving on from my drooling on the location. We started out with Plantain Chips $8 (crispy, homemade plantain chips with mango salas and chimichurri). The sauces are amazing and the seasoning on the chips is really out of this world yummy. We also got an order of the MKT Queso $9 (melted beemster, sharp white cheddar, Gruyere and kefalograviera cheeses with grilled jalapeno, green olives, roasted peppers and oven – baked pita chips) Oh so yummy and thick and creamy!

IMG_9620 (800x600)IMG_9621 (800x600)

I ordered a Cherry Italian Soda $3.50 which is to die for! I also ordered the Squashed Pizza $12 (Roasted butternut squash, roasted garlic, blue cheese, walnuts and fresh arugula on rustic ciabatta crust) The pizza was really flavorful and amazing, I know it looked pretty with the arugula whole, but I wished it was chopped up to make it easier to eat.

IMG_9622 (600x800)IMG_9623 (800x600)

D ordered The Butcher Pizza $14 (House marinara, mozzarella, chorizo, Italian sausage, ground beef and sopressta on rustic ciabatta crust). He loved this pizza and all of the meats that came on it. The crust is really nice and not too thick either.

IMG_9624 (800x600)

Our friends who where kind enough to let me take a picture of their food which was 2 different kinds of egg dishes. They both looked delicious!

IMG_9625 (800x600)IMG_9626 (800x600)

I would love to come back here and try their food again. It was a great experience and I just wish I lived a little closer.

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