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I’ve had this place on my radar to try for a while now and finally got the chance to go with my mother in law while the boys where out tonight. D’Amico’s opened up a new Katy location which is in a perfect area to do some walking, shopping or let the kids play on the green areas afterwards. The inside is nicely laid out around the market counters and the tables are spaced so you don’t feel like you are on top of the person next to you.

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We started out with a glass of wine while we snacked on bread and looked over the menu.

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I ordered the Chicken Piccata $14.99 and my mother in law ordered the Veal Piccata $17.99 (sautéed in a lemon butter white wine sauce with artichoke hearts, served with linguini marinara). The meal also comes with your choice of house salad or Caesar salad.

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Where do I begin? The Caesar salad tasted a little watered down like they didn’t dry the leaves and mixed in a tiny spoonful of dressing so of course it looked like it was dressed, but it wasn’t. Mother in law liked the House salad and said it was nice and creamy and not under dressed. As for the chicken piccata….the sauce was good, they just needed more of it. You don’t see artichoke hearts in the dish all the time so that was a nice touch. I didn’t care for it being sautéed I like the fried coating that is usually on the chicken. The marinara sauce on the pasta was another item for discussion….It had a tin/medicine taste to it. I’ve never had a sauce this bad. I suggest requesting their other pasta sauce over this one. I added so much parmesan and red pepper flakes and it still didn’t kill that awful taste.

Would I come back? I usually like to give a place 2 visits so I’ll be back one more time. I should have gone with the popular Crawfish Ravioli people on FourSquare raved about. As of now I’m not itching to run back.

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