I had a girls night at Akashi Sushi Fusion Cuisine to catch up with an old friend and decided to try out a new sushi place. A neighbor had been here and said it was really good, but the prices where on the high end. After reviewing their menu, they have a huge selection of Japanese and Chinese dishes as well as a fusion. Since we where meeting up for drinks we just tried a couple of rolls.

The interior is well done and they really like the blue lighting. I thought the seating was laid out spacious enough and I like that they had a lot of seats at the bar area as well.

Lady Gaga $12.45 (Yellow tail, tuna, avocado inside, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, white tuna, jalapeno on top, served with jalapeno sauce & spicy mango sauce)


Valentine Roll $10.95 (Crunchy spicy tuna avocado inside, wrapped with fresh tuna)


Chilean Sea Bass Roll $13.50 (Grilled Sea Bass, asparagus, avocado, served with eel sauce, wasabi sauce and honey miso sauce). Loved this one!!

Hawaiian Roll $9.50 (Inside Spicy crunchy scallops, on top with mango, avocado, masago)

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