We recently had a new Tex-Mex place open up near us called Jimmy Changas. I was a little nervous trying them out because their website looks more like a Chucky Cheese kiddo place, but I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was inside. They are really kid friendly which is great, but you are surrounded by nice blown glass and modern fire places.

We snacked on salsa and green sauce while we looked over the menu. Both where really good so we where off to a good start.

IMG_7200 (800x600)

For drinks I ordered the Calpyso Punch $8.76 (amaretto, cruzan spiced rum & 151 rum blend with pineapple juice, rocks, grande) This was really really good! D got the Changa rita $6.54 (sauza 100 anos tequila reposado, premium liqueur, tropicana orange juice and lime juice). It was good but not the best one we ever had. I would love to try more cocktails, but the prices will add up quickly. 

IMG_7205 (600x800)IMG_7203 (600x800)

D and I shared the chicken and beef fajitas for 2 $26.39. (sizzling hot fajita platters with sautéed bell peppers & onions — served with Spanish rice, choice of charro, refried or black beans, fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and housemade flour or corn tortillas.)

IMG_7204 (800x600)

I would definatly come back and try some of their other items on the menu and their playground looks fun to for when my son gets older.

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