We recently bought one of those half priced groupons for Texican Café which is on the way up to our lake house.

D is on the green chili kick since we had our trip to Taos so he was excited to see their menu around green chili month!

We started out with the Hatch Queso Cup $4.99. I would order it again, the green chilies really hit the spot.


D started out with a Large Margarita on the rocks $6. This was a good deal and actually tasted really good like a margarita should, not filled with sweet and sour, you could really taste all of the flavors. I would venture to say this is in our top 5 favorite margaritas.


Of course with the green chili theme D ordered the Green Chili Enchiladas $14.99 $4 was added on because he did one fajita beef and one fajita chicken. The sauce was fantastic and we would recommend this plate to anyone. The extra $4 was a little high, but worth it if you would rather the fajita meat.


I went with the Texican Dinner $10.99 (The Works! One crispy beef taco, one beef “El Paso” enchilada, one pork tamale, Mexican rice, refried beans, guacamole, pico de gallo and chile con queso.) I loved the sauce on the enchilada and the plate is just right if you want to try a little of everything.


Honestly I can’t wait to go back here. The service is fast and the food is fantastic!

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