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While driving through Austin we stopped for lunch at Bacon. We first learned about this place on Destination America where they showcased different places that offered the best bacon dishes.

We started out with Hush Piggies $5.95 (Seasoned pulled pork fritters served with house BBQ sauce). These sounded interesting and they weren’t too bad, the star was the BBQ sauce I could have drank that stuff.

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I ordered the Chicken Strips $7.95 (3 brined and buttermilk battered all natural fried chicken strips served with fries and bacon gravy for dipping). I thought it was really juicy and would order it again, just wish they gave you a little less fries.

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D ordered the Double Grind Burger $9.95, cheese $.50, bacon, $1 (All natural house ground steak and bacon blend, crisp romaine, tomato, red onions, pickles, and house mayo). D was a little surprised that the burger really didn’t taste like bacon and then they forgot to add the sliced bacon he requested, so they bring it out which is their house made bacon and it’s bland too.

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Honestly I don’t think we will go back, I wasn’t impressed. If anything I walked away with some ideas to try at home and that’s about it.

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