We stayed this past weekend on Lake Travis on the Island of Lake Travis. It’s a resort style place where you can buy a condo or rent one when you go up there. We stayed in unit 3309. There’s several misleading things about the pictures on the site. For example the biggest complaint was this one:



They note on the picture that this is your sunset. INCORRECT!! This is the sunrise. The water shots they show are from when the lake levels where higher. Be sure you check before you go, because due to the Texas drought the cove sides are dry which is what our view was of. We knew that going into it, but if you’re not familiar then you will be surprise when you get there.




I didn’t like that once you make the reservation they call you the day of and let you know all the codes. There’s a code to get in the gate to drive onto the property then a code for your room and then another code if you want to use the spa elevator. I also did not like that they don’t give you a map of the property and I couldn’t find one online. Once we got on our floor it was a scavenger hunt to find the room since there’s no arrows pointing which way the room numbers go.

Overall the room served it’s purpose, expect the bare minimum so if you want to cook there’s 1 pot, 1 pan, etc. It’s best to bring your own things. Since we got in late, my pictures are not the greatest because we where ready to just sit down and have a cocktail. You can hear the neighbors if they make a lot of noise and there seemed to be a lot of dogs barking. I got the feeling like I was at a resort in Mexico, it just has that feel like everything is cheap and bare minimum. Honestly, if you are looking to buy a condo, skip this place unless you are only buying it for income purposes and renting it out. The location is great so it’s perfect for just renting when you just need a place to sleep since you’ll be on the lake all day. I was a little surprised the pool area wasn’t bigger, but we didn’t hang out there we just staying on our balcony. I will say that for $160/night on the weekend it is cheaper then a hotel and you get a full kitchen and washer/dryer so it’s not a bad deal.

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Would I stay again, not in this unit, I would pick one on the lake side facing the pool. In the picture below you want to be on the far left side if you want to see the sunset.

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