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Tonight we met up with my mother in law for my husband’s birthday dinner at Kenzo Sushi Bistro. I haven’t been here since they opened a long time ago so I don’t have anything to really compare to last time. I really liked that you could enjoy the happy hour prices in the main dining room without having to sit at the bar. We ordered a variety of things off the happy hour menu and really enjoyed ourselves. The food doesn’t take too long to come out and everyone was really nice.

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We started with the Crab Puff $3 (Crispy wonton puff filled with crabmeat and cream cheese). I really liked the lightness of the puff and that it was not dripping in grease. The dipping sauce is excellent there’s a subtle sweetness with the spiciness. 

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Gyoza $4 (Pan Fried Pork Dumplings) These where a good value for the cost.

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Spicy Tuna Roll $4 (left) Spicy tuna and cucumber and Spicy Salmon Roll (right) Spicy salmon and cucumber. These rolls where ok, a little less filling then I thought they would have. I expecting maybe an additional 2 pieces instead of just 4.

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Cougar Roll $7 (IN: Spicy tuna and cucumber TOP: peppercorn tuna, avocado, spicy ponzu, and spicy sesame oil).

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Rock & Roll $5 (shrimp tempura, masago, and cucumber with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce)

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Spider Roll $6 (Softshell crab tempura, masago, and cucumber with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce). I felt like it could have had a little more filling, but it was a good flavor with the teriyaki sauce.

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Westside Roll $6 (IN: snow crab, avocado, and cucumber TOP: shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, and teriyaki sauce). This was one of my favorite rolls.

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Shaggy Dog Roll $6 (IN: shrimp tempura and avocado TOP: shredded crabsticks, spicy mayo, and sweet teriyaki sauce). I loved this roll and would order it again.

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I really enjoyed our experience with the restaurant their food is really well priced and they where even kind enough to bring my hubby a really rich brownie with ice cream for his birthday. We will go back another time to try other dishes they offer.

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