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We started our day with breakfast at the B&B. As I said yesterday you can sit and eat when you want and since we had an early tour at the Biltmore, they where kind enough to make us breakfast 30 minutes earlier then the usually start time.

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Our tour time was set up for 9am at the Biltmore House. I highly recommend doing the first available time before a ton of people arrive. Even though it was a week day the people still piled in later on. The house tour was $49 per person (bought 7 days in advance for a discount price) and then $10 per person for audio tour. I also recommend the audio tour, this isn’t a time to save money you learn so much more listening to the audio tour that the pamphlet doesn’t mention. You are not allowed to take pictures inside so I can’t share any with you, but I will share some of the grounds. I was a little sad the tulips bloomed early so they where in the process of replacing them all. I took a ton of pictures in the flower building which features several different types of flowers. We walked the azalea trail which where blooming, but on their way out too.

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Plan on being here all day. We headed over to the Antler Hill Village at the Winery and had a lot of fun in this area as well. There’s several shops and places to eat in here. We headed to the winery first. You can take a tour, which we skipped since we’ve done several in the past. The tasting area is large and you can drink as much as you want. We tasted the whole list and felt it after. They also have a shop so if there’s anything you might wanna buy you can.


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Next we went up to the farm area which is interesting to learn about jobs on the property. We where lucky to be able to see the Smithy that day who made a key chain.

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Then we had to go see the animals! I’m a sucker for animals. They had so many cute babies just born so I had to snap some pictures here.

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We jumped in the car and headed to Chimney Rock, but where disappointed to find out it was closed down for maintenance. Oh well, we where able to make it back to the B&B for wine and appetizers.

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We relaxed a little while in the room then headed out to dinner at Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian. They are known for “old school” neighborhood Italian food and have won some awards, but I wasn’t super impressed with them.

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Of course we had to try the Calamari Fritti $8 (fried calamari, marinara sauce). It was like any other one, although I did like their home made marinara sauce. D ordered a Green Man IPA Draft to try $2 and really enjoyed it.

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I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana over spaghetti $15, the sauce was really good, but the chicken was over cooked. D ordered the Meat Lasagna $14, which was good, just not “wow best I’ve ever had”.

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After dinner it was back to the hotel to sit on the porch with a cocktail and enjoy the weather.

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