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In the car bright and early today headed for Memphis, TN, which is about a 3 hour drive from Nashville, TN.

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We stayed at The Peabody Hotel $18 for parking $209 room plus taxes. They have a daily duck march at 11am and 5pm, totally worth seeing if you stay there or not. I highly recommend this hotel it was wonderful and everyone is fantastic that we came across.

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If you do go for the duck march you need to be there at least 30 minutes early if you want a prime spot. While we waited for the march to begin we got the famous Mint Julep for $10.93. Let me just say it’s delicious!! It’s also my hubby’s new addiction. He’s even flavoring his Jack Daniel’s with mint. Besides, how cute are these little duck stirs? The bottom of them have little feet, sooo cute!

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My pictures weren’t the greatest during the march, because every kid there had a ton of flashes going off. I don’t know how these ducks can see what they are doing! For the arrival of the ducks we where downstairs and in one of the best spots. For the ducks leaving we got there late and watched from upstairs behind some people.

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Right across the street in an ally way you’ll find the famous Rendevous Ribs & BBQ. The place is small and cramped. We had Full Order of their World-Famous Charcoal-Broiled Pork Ribs $18.25 and I ordered the Chopped Chicken Plate $9.50. All I can say is wow they heavy hand the rub, almost need to shake some off otherwise you end up choking. My chicken was dry. The ribs where good, but I’ve had better. We liked the beans, but the slaw didn’t taste like much.

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Next we headed to Graceland. We ended up reserving the 2:45pm Graceland Platinum Tour $36 per adult. $10 to park. Here’s what it included:

  • an audio-guided tour of Graceland Mansion and grounds
  • a self-guided tour of Elvis’ two custom airplanes
  • a self-guided tour of Elvis’ Automobile Museum
  • a self-guided tour of ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley
  • a self-guided tour of Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture Exhibit
  • a self-guided tour of Elvis on Tour Exhibit
  • a self-guided tour of ’68 Special Exhibit

Average Tour Time: 2 ½ to 3 hours

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OMG I’ve never seen a bigger tourist trap! We’re Elvis fans, but not die hard so this was a little over the top for us. At least we can say been there done that! It’s like Disney for adults. They snap your photo, grab your audio kit and hop on a bus that takes you across the street to his house.

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I have to say the house tour is worth it the other stuff I would skip. I take that back the planes are neat to see and the car museum. I’ll share just a few pictures if you wanna see more let me know and I’ll get you access to my other pictures.

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We headed back to the hotel to see the ducks march off to bed and rest up before heading out to Beal Street.

For dinner we ate at BB King’s Blues Club. We lucked out and got a patio table so we could people watch. We ordered the Soul Samper $15 (fried pickles, catfish nuggets and Memphis wings tossed in BBQ sauce and Buffalo sauce). The fried pickles where super salty, the catfish was really good and the buffalo wings tasted like Frank’s Hot Sauce. We also got  a large order (8 bones) of their Lip Smacking Ribs $18 (BBQ rubbed hickory smoked loin back ribs basted with our sweet and Smokey BBQ sauce. Served with baked beans and coleslaw.) Honestly the best ribs we had on the trip. They where really tender and had a good flavor.

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We also had a couple of beers there before heading across the street for a famous Walk Me Down drink. The locals call it Lay Me Down, because there’s a lot of liquor in there, but it’s sooooo good. Trust me I only had 1 and I could see how dangerous they where.

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Drink in hand and we hit the strip to snap some cool bar light pictures.

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