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We usually don’t like going in town to the Galleria area because there’s so many people and the traffic is a nightmare, but since it was a Thursday and we where going for lunch we took a chance. We also figured the prices for lunch would be a little better than the dinner prices since we hadn’t been here before. I read a few reviews that since Landry’s took over the Oceanaire restaurant that the quality had gone down, not been here before I can’t tell you, but I can tell you the service is soooo slow. It was almost a 2 hour lunch with only maybe 10 other tables in the place filled with 1 waiter per tables it shouldn’t be this slow. I think our waiter hid more than anything. I should have taken a picture of the size glasses we had for water and tea. I almost asked him to leave the pitcher at the table so I could drink out of that, but I didn’t.

The restaurant is beautiful with silver, blue brown as their color scheme.

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We where brought hot sourdough bread with soft butter and a plate of vegetables. Which maybe I’m not super fancy, but I didn’t understand this. I though they where pickled, but after the loud crunch from the carrot my husband took a bite of and him saying it tasted like a plain carrot I changed my mind.

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Don’t look for refills, as soon as your food comes the bread is swept away, which then turned our waiters face to annoyed when I asked for more. The bread is hot and really good.

We ordered 2 appetizers, Fried Red Chili Calamari with Warm Asian Vegetables $10.95 and a Cup of New England Clam Chowder $5.95. The calamari had well reviews and we love trying calamari so we gave it a shot. The breading was really good and I felt like you got a good amount of calamari on the plate. The sauce was good too, but didn’t overly wow me. I would order again over the chowder. Nothing is wrong with the chowder it just is really thick and creamy, but seems like there’s not much flavor or filling in there.

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For the main course we ordered the Seafood Mixed Grill $28.95 (Grilled fish of the day (Golden Tile), shrimp and baked stuffed shrimp). I don’t feel like we got $28 worth of food, but it wasn’t bad just a little bland. The fish was a hair overcooked. The rice looked full of flavor, but didn’t taste like anything. The asparagus where cooked perfectly which is rare to find.

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We also ordered the Seared-Rare Hawaiian Yellowfin Ahi Tuna $19.95 (Wakame Seaweed, pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce). No complaints with this dish the fish was fresh and I would order it again.

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Another rave review from previous diners was the Mac & Cheese $7.95 (Applewood Smoked Bacon, Smoked Gouda & Jalapeno). The menu promised spicy, but I can tell you there was no jalapeno, but an overwhelming applewood smoked bacon taste. Although good, I would order again, just be sure they kick it up a little.

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Will I go back? Um probably not. The atmosphere was really nice and some of the food was good, but for the price there are way better place in town to eat at. The only discounts I saw online where 10% off if you’re a member of AARP.

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