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We originally went to Willie’s Grill & Icehouse several years ago with my husband’s cousin. We where hooked and had to go every time we where on his side of town. We where excited when one finally opened up in our area. It’s a great place that has a little of everything. We took our niece and nephew there for their first time to celebrate their birthday’s. Every year we buy a discount card from the local High School athletics teams. The card has various discounts to local places including food, clothing and services. The card only cost $20 and you get your monies worth pretty easily. The discount for Willie’s was half off an appetizer.

You order your meal from their big board then go sit yourself. We started out with an order of Onion Rings (small $4.95, large $5.95) and Fried Jalapenos (small $2.75, large $5.25). The jalapenos where not a hit with the kids because they where too spicy, but D and I love them. The onion rings on the other hand where a huge hit.

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3 of us got the Willie Burger with cheese $7.25 (1/2 pound burger served with fries) Again a huge hit at our table. The burgers are nice and juicy and really filling.

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My nephew ordered the Fried Catfish served with fries ($7.75 small, $9.95 large). He said he loved it and the fish was cooked perfect. His favorite part was the breading on the fish.

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The place was a hit with them and I’m glad we could share somewhere new with them. Can’t wait to go back.

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