As I mentioned on my last few post, once a year the month of August turns into Restaurant Weeks. One of the best ways to try new restaurants is dining out during this month! For a set price of $35 for dinner you get regular size portions at a very discounted rate and restaurants donate $5 per dinner sold to the Houston Food Bank. It’s a win win for everyone! You have to be sure you ask for the restaurant week menu when you sit down, because they don’t just hand them out when you can pay full price on the regular menu.

Neither my husband or I have been to Del Frisco’s. We’ve heard rave reviews about this place so there’s no better time to try it out then when it’s at a discount! I didn’t like the fact that it was attached to The Galleria, because parking is a pain. Walking in I felt a little overwhelmed. #1 there’s 20 people crowding the door all looking you up and down as you give the hostess your name. They where eager waiters who looked like they where taking bets as to who got to seat you. I’m also used to getting looks carrying a larger camera with me, but the hostess tried to be funny and say “oh wow everyone watch out she’s got a big camera better have your smiles on tonight”. I’m sure she meant it as a joke, but I didn’t laugh. #2 the service was fantastic for our 6pm reservations, but as they got busier towards 7pm the waiter seemed to stay at the tables who where eating off the regular menu and ordered several cocktails. #3 was personal….we weren’t offered the grand “may I grind you pepper” service. Oh yeah I watched we where the only ones on every course who weren’t offered pepper. I should have asked just to point it out, but decided it wasn’t worth it.

Ok on to the food. We where there for the pre-planned menu, but had to try the Fried Calamari $15 (Shanghai Style). By far the best thing we had all night. I highly recommend ordering this. There’s a nice sweet, heat, Asian sauce that goes really well instead of the traditional marinara. I could have eaten several orders of this. It’s a little on the high end for an appetizer, but it’s really good.


The bread offered while you look over the menu was really nice, warm and soft. I appreciate the soft butter too, I can’t tell you how annoying it is when you get butter as hard as the plate.


For our first course we ordered the Del Frisco’s Dinner Salad (regular menu price $9) (with avocado dressing). The idea behind the salad is really good, I liked the dressing. The part I didn’t like was all the bacon. Normally bacon makes everything better, but here it didn’t. You couldn’t taste the delicate avocado dressing. I wouldn’t order this again.


We also got the Roasted Poblano Bisque (with pico de gallo). It was just ok, nothing too special about it.


For the second course I chose the Prime Strip 10 ounce with Chateau Potatoes (regular menu price $40 without side). They add a nice peppered crust to it which tasted good. For me I thought they where just ok for being the price they charged. Very glad to be having this during restaurant week and not all out of pocket. I really liked the potatoes.


D ordered the Prime Rib 12 ounce with Chateau Potatoes. (regular menu price is $49/22 oz or $41 for 16 oz, the 12 ounce wasn’t listed on the regular menu). The meat tasted the same as my strip. We each ate half of our steak and sides and took the rest home for leftovers.


We also ordered the Jalapeno Bacon Mac and Cheese $12. Nice and creamy and you could really taste each of the jalapeno and bacon. I would order this again.


I was disappointed that they changed the dessert menu from what was on the restaurant week menu, I was really looking forward to cheesecake. Instead we got the Banana Bread Pudding and Lemon Doberge Cake. I honestly wouldn’t order either one of these again. The Banana Bread Pudding while I know has bananas it tasted like they left out the bread part. We didn’t see the dessert menu so I’m not sure how much they charge for them on their menu, but I can only guess $8-10. The lemon cake is one of their signature desserts so I’m disappointed to report it’s dry.


Would I go back to Del Frisco’s? More and likely not unless a friend or family member was having and event there. We saved around $50 from what I could calculate by going during Restaurant Week, which I’m really glad we went then. If anything I would go for happy hour and order the calamari that’s all.

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