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Our last day here and the weather was amazing. Shocking how it can go from the 40’s to the 90’s in 1 weekend. We slept in then headed downstairs to check out and drop our luggage off with the front desk. We took the L into the area of the Hancock Tower and walked around a little.

We stopped by the old water works building which is really pretty, but it wasn’t open with the holiday.

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Then we walked over to the church that has been featured in movies. Really pretty, but we didn’t go inside. I have a thing about how you’re dressed and going in churches.

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Our next stop was to the Hancock Tower. I was disappointed that even though we had lunch reservations it didn’t include access to the observation deck. Some cities include it if you eat there so always be sure to ask. It was $15 for basic admission and more if you wanted the audio tour. You can find discounts online if you check.

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94 stories up in the air you have a little different view from the Sears Tower. Overall I would go back to the Sears Tower any day, they are more organized and you move quicker through the lines. Hancock Tower had one way in and one way out. If just seemed really badly laid out and had no flow to it all all.

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I made reservations for the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock tower right at 11am when they opened for lunch. 

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Instead of doing the menu items we opted for the buffet for $20  a person. Loved the soups they offered the red one is tortilla and the yellow one is an Indian vegetable soup. The food was fresh and really good, but my only complaint was they didn’t have any deserts.

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After we ate it was back to the hotel to grab our bags and head to the airport. We took the L that drops you off in the airport. $5 train ride for the both of us compared to the $40 cab ride we took on the way in. Crazy!

I loved visiting Chicago and can’t wait to get back!

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