We made it home after a very long 15 hour drive. Temps ranged from 19 degrees all the way up to upper 80’s. I had forgotten at the beginning of our trip to take pictures of the house before we threw our junk all around and settled in so the pictures are from the last day there and the wee hours of the morning.

Overall I would stay at this house again. You have neighbors, but you’re not in viewing distance of them the way the house is laid out so we never felt violated (not that we walk around naked, but I didn’t have to worry about opening the blinds while still in my PJ’s).  For booking details click HERE or HERE for more information. The house has a great flow to it, and if we where there with other people it would still give each of the guest space without filling crowded. It is a little older and has had some upgrades to it, but if you’re super picky about it needing a paint job or update floors and cabinets then keep looking. None of that bothered us. There’s a fully stocked kitchen as far as all the pots, pans, baking dishes, foil, platters, wine glasses, probably everything and more then you have at home. I was really worried about that being a foodie and wanting to cook while we where there, but after arriving there I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t miss any of my gadgets at home. (Maybe my pasta maker, but whatever I was on vacation!) When you think of a turn key vacation I have to say this fully met our hopes and more. I loved it so much I could picture moving in HAHA. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I’ll be sure to answer as best I can. You can also contact the owner Tim. He’s fantastic about calling or emailing you right back and answering all the questions we had (even while we where in panic mode with M at the vet). I would have to rank this place as one of the best houses we’ve rented and weren’t disappointed about anything while we where there.

Front Entry:

IMG_0923 (Medium)

Front Courtyard (fenced in):

IMG_0924 (Medium) IMG_0925 (Medium)

Living Room:

IMG_0942 (Medium) IMG_0977 [800x600]

Front Left Bedroom:

IMG_0946 (Medium) IMG_0947 (Medium)


IMG_0974 [800x600]

Back Left Bedroom:

IMG_0943 (Medium) IMG_0944 (Medium) IMG_0945 (Medium)

Kitchen/laundry/eat in area:

IMG_0973 [800x600]IMG_0976 [800x600]IMG_0975 [800x600]

Sun Room:

IMG_0966 [800x600]IMG_0967 [800x600]IMG_0968 [800x600]

King Size Back Right Bedroom:

IMG_0963 [800x600]

Bath Connected to King Size Room:

IMG_0964 [800x600]


Standing on patio looking right to left:

IMG_0927 (Medium)IMG_0928 (Medium)IMG_0929 (Medium)IMG_0930 (Medium)

Out in the open area looking back at the house:

IMG_0934 (Medium)

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