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14 hours in the car is a long time, but for us it’s cheaper then flying and we get to see a lot more along the way. West Texas has tons of these wind farms around and I’m glad to see they are taking advantage of the wide open windy areas. To get an idea of the size of these things here’s one next to a train.

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10 hours driving across Texas wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. D and I swapped off driving which made it go a lot quicker too. Once we entered New Mexico it was a different story. The last 4 hours of our journey seemed like FOREVER! It was nice to start seeing something other than flat land around us.

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We arrived at the house a little after 9:30pm. The owner wasn’t expected to be there, but he got caught up so it was nice to meet the guy we had been talking to while planning the trip. It was also a pleasant surprise to have a bottle of wine and cookies waiting for us. 🙂

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