Our friends have raved about this place for a while now and how personal the wait staff is, the prices are great and everything they’ve tried has been amazing. Well, we had to try it now! Nagoya really is all that and more! I absolutely loved this place. We hadn’t eaten anything all day so would could try several dishes which we did and more. I didn’t want to stop eating nor did I want to leave.

Since we where eating the dinner portions we where served miso soup and a house salad. Most miso soups I have are usually watered down or greasy. This one wasn’t it had a really nice flavor to it. The salad is just like any other salad you get so nothing special to report with that.


We chose a Yankiniku Don (Grilled beef and onion in Japanese style, served with sweet garlic soy sauce) $13-dinner Love love love this dish. The sweet garlic soy sauce is perfect on this. I think without it the beef would have been bland. The vegetables where cooked nicely and not soggy or too crispy. I would defiantly order this again.


Since we love sushi we split a Roll Combo (Rock’n Roll roll, Snow Crab Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll) $13.50 All very fresh tasting and really filling.


We figured we would order one more roll so we settled on the Volcano Roll $10.95 which was just added to the menu, but not yet listed yet. This big mamma jamma is best eaten in 2 bites instead of the traditional 1 (and maybe use a fork). It’s really good!


I almost had to be rolled out of the restaurant, but when we get to have sushi and leave paying under $50 it’s a good place to go. They have a LONG list of items on their menu with lots of things to pick from so I would definitely say to stop by and check them out. OH and if you follow them on Twitter or Facebook you’ll get monthly coupons. Check out their website and view the newsletters for the monthly discounts. I can’t wait to go back here!!

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