Texas Borders recently moved into a new location and has been around for as long as I can remember. I figured it was about time we go.

We started out with an order of chips and salsa $2.99 (which was free using our High School fundraiser card).


When people say everything is bigger in Texas they don’t lie. This ice tea is an example and comes with unlimited refills. I like sweet tea, but wow this is sweet. You’re better asking for unsweetened and adjusting it yourself.


I ordered the “Big Bob” Burrito da BOMB (Chipotle tortilla stuffed with seasoned ground beef, Mexican rice, refried beans and topped with queso and jalapenos) $8.99 I also substituted fajita chicken for $1.99. Ok where do I start? The tortilla was flour not chipotle, the chicken was diced up so small if I picked it all out it would equal less then 1/4 cup, it’s mostly filled with rice and beans. The only thing saving this dish was the jalapenos that masked the weird out of can queso and meat sauce on top. Please don’t waste your money ordering this try something else!


D ordered the Chipotle Honey BBQ Burger (Brushed with chipotle honey BBQ sauce, bacon, chipotle cheese and sliced avocados) $9.99 Since they where known for having good burgers they actually delivered on this promise. I personally wouldn’t go back to spend $10 on a burger, but that’s just me. The fries where good and the burger was very tasty.


Overall this place has a huge selection on their menu which you can view online. It’s majorly kid friendly, but a little dirty. The service was slow and our waitress was a little airheaded….she asked if I wanted sweet or un-sweet tea, I said sweet please, she said ok and wrote it down then asked me again. Uhh yea! I personally won’t be back, but if you want something to please everyone they will have something for everyone.


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