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We’ve passed by Taqueria Arandas 100 times and have always wanted to try this place out.

Outside looks ok the inside is another story. Not the cleanest place we have been too.

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The salsa tasted like something that could be home made, but bland non the less.

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We ordered a margarita and it didn’t taste like anything except lime juice frozen.

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As with most Mexican restaurants we always judge them by the salsa, margarita and fajitas. The first 2 where a miss so we had hopes the fajitas where better. Fajitas for 2 $20.99 (Sizzling chicken or beef fajitas served with onions, rice, bell pepper, charro beans, guacamole, grilled jalapeño, pico de gallo and tortillas) we paid extra for the sour cream and cheese, but it was nice to have the option of white or yellow cheese haha. The chicken was good and tender, but the beef had a really funky flavor and was chewy.

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Would I go back? Umm no, it’s dirty inside, the salsa was ehh, the margarita was like a juice box and the fajitas weren’t good. The only thing that was good was the waitress was really nice and I saw her use the hand sanitizer a lot, which makes me wonder…..

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