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Babin’s is part of the chain restaurants Landry’s owns. If you have been to a Pappa’s restaurant then you’ll enjoy this place. They have a New Orleans feel as you walk in which makes you feel like you’re walking in Pat O’Briens.

We kicked off our meal with a hurricane. The bar menu has happy hour prices and some tasty looking items on their menu, but they don’t carry over to the main dining room. Also if they ask if you want a hurricane on the rocks or frozen, the frozen is the one 1/2 off for happy hour. We learned that after paying $8 for a regular hurricane.

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The great thing about this restaurant is the waiter will give you a little booklet stand which shows all of the fresh fish they have on hand for the day and as you flip through the booklet you can read about the fish as well.

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There’s also a board that gives you the fresh of the day and daily special. I really appreciated that which took the guess work on prices.

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While you wait they bring you fresh bread and butter to snack on.

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We couldn’t decide between the gumbo and bisque, so we went with a small bowl of the Crab Bisque $5.99 the waiter recommended. OMG was this the most creamiest and yummy cup of soup ever. I could have eaten a huge bowl of this.

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We also started off with  an order of crab cakes as well. For $11.99 I don’t think it was really worth it for 3. The sauce is really good and the crab cakes are meaty, but still over priced.

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I ordered the Babin’s Mixed Grill (Our featured fish – Tilapia that day – topped with lemon butter and crawfish, blackened oysters, stuffed shrimp, broiled shrimp, scallops and a crab cake. Served with a broiled fresh veggie skewer and dirty rice. Choice of Tossed, Caesar or Greek salad.) $22.99. First off wow this is a lot of food. My salad choice was Caesar, which didn’t taste like anything. The blackened tilapia on the other hand was delicious. The oysters where hit and miss there where 4 on my plate, 2 where gritty and dirty tasting the other 2 where excellent. My only complaint with the dish is I wished the veggies where cooked more, they where basically raw with a 2 second char mark on them.

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D ordered the Golden Tile fish from the Fish Market list on the chalkboard $21.99 served with 2 sides (he chose Caesar salad and Stuffed Potato) the topped the fish with Jumbo Lump Crab with capers and lemon butter sauce $5.99. Totally loved the Golden Tile fish! The Sauce really worked well with the choice of fish and you couldn’t have asked for anything better! We each got our fish blackened which gave it more spice, but didn’t overpower the dish.

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I can’t wait to visit this place again. If you go be sure to take advantage of their happy hour discounts to try some of their dishes while having a cocktail. You won’t be disappointed here!

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