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Tonight we tried a new restaurant we had never been too. We love the Goode Company BBQ places around town, but have never eaten at the seafood location. I must say for a Tuesday night this place was packed! The restaurant had a nice flow about it, but with so many people there it was way to loud to enjoy a nice dinner.
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We started off with an Appetizer Sampler (2 Crabcakes, 3 Seafood Tamales, 4 Texas Shrimp) $27.95. First off I don’t know why there where different amounts of each item, but the plate is piping HOT. You have to wait for the food to cool a little before you try anything. The BBQ shrimp where amazing and cooked perfectly, the crabcakes where a nice size, but soggy and lacked flavor. Under the crabecakes where these flavored mushrooms which was tasty, but not much in seasoning going on. The seafood tamale I had seemed undercooked, but the other 2 where fine and again had no flavor. I would say don’t order this it’s not worth $27! Stick with the shrimp, but even at $8.95 for 4 it’s still on the high end.

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For my entree I ordered an item from the the House Specialties list. Stuffed Whole Flounder (served with onion rings, with a creole cream sauce, choice of side – I picked garlic mashed potatoes, and a shrimp empanada) $24.95. The dish was good overall. I think the sauce really made it. I could could have done without the onion rings which seemed awkward on the plate as a filler. The fish was good and I really enjoyed the stuffing.

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D ordered the Gulf Red Snapper with Sauteed Crab Meat, choice of side – seafood rice, shrimp empanada, garlic bread, Market Price. The fish had a really nice grilled taste, was flakey and over all nice with the crab meat, but it seemed like it was missing a sauce.

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Overall, if I go back I would try their oysters because that’s what seemed to be flying out of the kitchen all night. Our waiter was like lightening running around, but we didn’t see much of him, besides when he took our order, refilled 1 glass of water, and brought the check. There’s plenty of other friendly places which serve good seafood to go to (and a lower price), so this isn’t on the top of my list to rush back to.

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