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A great little find in Katy is Fish City Grill. They currently have 4 locations in Houston and while I have not been to any of the other ones the Katy location is a gem. When it comes to seafood it’s good or it’s bad there really isn’t any ehh. I constantly seem them advertising for charity events and they are really involved with the community even participating in the local rice festival.

We had been to this location a couple of times when they first opened and I’ve had my fingers crossed they stay in business because the food is good and the service is awesome. Everyone is so friendly that they welcome you right when you walk in. I like that their website gives you each locations menu with prices.

Be sure to check their black board on the wall for their daily specials. If you follow them on Twitter you can find out their specials. A neat deal they do is the first Tuesday of every month they highlight a local area charity which receives 15% of the entire days sales.

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We opted for the fried green beans which comes with a chipotle dipping sauce for $5.99.

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For lunch my mother-in-law and I split a bowl of Cream of Roasted Jalapeño Soup $5.99. I could have gone to town on this soup it’s rich and thick and packed full of flavor!

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As an entrée we split the Honey Chipotle Shrimp Tacos (Three corn tortillas filled with honey chipotle shrimp, shredded carrots & celery. Drizzled with cool ranch dressing & topped with diced avocado.) $9.29. The waitress was great and divided up the plate so that’s why you see only 2 tacos instead of 3. We opted for the Apple Cider Slaw rather then the Rice Pilaf it comes with. I liked that the tacos where overflowing with shrimp and not just 3 to a taco.

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You also get slices of French Bread with your meal. mmmm

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This place is a gem! Their serving sizes are generous and their prices are very reasonable without compromising the quality. 

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