Today is kind of a lazy post I’ve wormed my way out of cooking lately, but I’ll have a recipe on Friday I promise. I’m so sorry I forgot to put a note about Whataburger celebrating their 60th anniversary yesterday. Between 5-8pm they where giving away a free burger if you wore something with orange in it. I loved it because I like their burgers and as a bonus I didn’t have to cook dinner. 🙂 There was a sea of orange in line.

This week I got a new toy! I got a hutch and dining room table so I’ve been busy arranging and rearranging the display. If you are like me I like to keep some of my glass wear out on display the only negative is that after a while the glass is covered with this sticky dust and it’s a pain to get it off. I used to let it soak for hours run it in the dishwasher and nothing really got it all off. That was until now….

Start by sprinkling a little baking soda on the item (or wet paper towel).

Then scrub it like you where hand washing the item. Rinse and dry.

The item is brand spanking new and super sparkly!

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