Thank goodness it’s Friday. Uhh well I take that back, we are busy packing up to head out to Sealy, Texas for a BBQ contest. I’m excited, but there’s a lot of work that goes into doing a BBQ cook off, not to mention the cleanup when you get home. Tonight is the margarita and chef’s choice categories then tomorrow is the beans, chicken, ribs and brisket. I’ll try to have a post done on Monday with an update of how we did, otherwise you’ll have to wait until Tuesday. I’ll also have another giveaway starting next week as well woohoo!

One of my favorite memories of summer time growing up is when my brother and I would stay with my grandparents. I used to love all the choices of desserts at her house. She was known to have no less the 3 pies to pick from and used to make us whatever we wanted. When it was really hot out she used to make us Kool-Aid pie. It’s super easy to make when you have guest show up last minute and it’s a nice cool treat.

Just because pie is in the title doesn’t mean you need to make a big pie out of it. I’ve learned over the years of throwing parties that when there’s a pretty cake or pie no one wants to be the first one to cut into it and mess it up. My solution is saving the little Chinese soup containers. This makes the perfect individual size servings. It also works great when I need to send my husband to work with a dessert that’s quick and easy and eliminates a huge mess. The other nice thing about this pie is you can eat it right out of the freezer, no more waiting for it to thaw. It kind of has the same texture as sherbet. Yummy!!

I’m sure there’s recipes on the net for this, but I still claim it as my grandma’s! 🙂

Kool-Aid Pie

12 ounce can of evaporated milk
2/3 cup sugar
1 envelope (.13 ounce) Kool-Aid (any flavor you like, we prefer cherry)

Chill evaporated milk in the freezer until milk is almost frozen around edges.

Place in a cold bowl and whip milk till fluffy.

Add sugar and Kool-Aid and whip until stiff.

Fill pie pan with vanilla wafers and pour mixture over cookies. Freeze 2-3 hours. Keep frozen.

I like to add the cookies around the sides or on top, because if you don’t eat them within the first day or 2 the cookies get soft.

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