This morning the water was green with algae again but the winds where calmer then yesterday. We headed out at 5:45am to catch the sunrise and try to get some family pictures on the beach before everyone came out for the day. After that we headed back in to fix breakfast and start another days work.

Lunch time came around and the water started to turning green again out 20 ft past that it was crystal clear.

About 3:00pm the clouds started rolling in. It didn’t rain, but it did put a damper on us going out to swim in the ocean so instead we decided to get ready for dinner.

We headed back to Marina Cafe to take advantage of their 1/2 off martinis, 1/2 off sushi and 1/2 off drinks. All of the martinis came down to $5 D’s Makers Mark and water came to $4. I started off with a Lemon Drop Martini (Citrus vodka, Cointreau, sweet & Sour served in a sugar rimmed glass).

We ordered 3 rolls to start out with. They wheren’t as thick as they are at other sushi places we’ve been too. The top left one is a Spicy Tuna Roll (tuna, green onion, spicy sauce), to the right of that is Destin (soft shell crab, applewood smoked bacon, cream cheese, green onion, steak and avocado on top), at the bottom is a Red Rocket (soft-shell crab, cream cheese, avocado, with spicy crab on top). Our favorite was the Red Rocket the others where just ok. The steak one was interesting and the meat was very tender.

I then tried the Pineapple Express martini (vanilla vodka with a splach of Butterscotch Schnapps and pineapple juice). OMG this is soooooo good!!!!

We ordered one more roll which took at least 15 minutes to come out. The Black Dragon (soft shell crab, avocado, green onion, eel on top). This was ok the eel was a little chewy. The sauce splashed on the plate is syrup which was interesting with sushi, but that was the only flavor on the roll.

I’m a fan of Key Lime martinis so I wanted to try theirs. It was ok I would have rather stuck to the Pineapple Express. The Key Lime had Licor 43, Rose’s lime and cream.

We split one last dessert the Chocolate Kiss Martini (white and dark Godiva Liquor and chilled vodka).

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