We drove in from home which took us 9 hours and boy where we glad to make it here. That was until we saw the state of the condo we rented for $150 a night from ! If you know me then you know I like a good deal just like the next person and coupons, there are times I’ll pay up for things I normally wouldn’t. In this case I thought we would have the basics and nothing too fancy due to it being one of the cheapest condos I could find. We where given 9A and boy did we have the bare minimum! They want you to take out the trash, clean all the dishes and toss the towels in the wash machine when you check out. There’s nothing to wash the dishes with, there where towels tossed all over the wash machine area closet. Then we where told to make a list of all things that would be considered damaged and report them within 24 hours so we wouldn’t be falsely charged for damaging them when we checked out. Oh my where to begin! You’ll see a full list I made on tomorrows post.

Our dinner that night started out at the Crab Trap which we couldn’t find a parking space at for 30 minutes of circling so we moved on to Pompano Joe’s which was right next to the condo. This place was packed too. We got lucky and found some seats at the bar and just decided to eat there. There drink special was Knob Creek for $4.50. They where in 12 ounce cups and they made them strong. Just what we needed after our long day. We started out with the Reggae Rolls as an appetizer. They are jerk seasoned chicken, black beans, corn, tomatoes and peppers, stuffed in flour tortillas, deep fried and served with mango-papaya chutney and pico de gallo salsa. They where good but the star of the dish was the mango-papaya chutney it’s to die for!

For entrees I chose the Garlic Crusted Grouper which is grouper baked with a fresh garlic crust, topped with a lobster-basil cream sauce. I thought it was really good, but didn’t taste a lot of the basil in the sauce. My husband said it was good, but too much garlic flavor. It was served with hushpuppies, twice baked potatoes and vegetable medley.

My husband ordered the Grouper “Guadalupe” which is pan roasted grouper topped with jumbo lump crabmeat and sun dried tomato butter. We both loved this dish and wouldn’t change anything about it. It was served with hushpuppies, twice baked potatoes and vegetable medley.

**Here’s a tip if you fill out the survey online about your dining experience they give you an instant free appetizer coupon to print.

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