Things have been busy around here lately. Wednesday we got new palm trees installed since our other ones bit the dust from the freeze we had this year. On top of landscaping we’re trying to get everything packed up for the BBQ cook off this Saturday. Sunday is my hubby’s birthday and that night my mom comes in town for the next couple days so it’s been go go go around our house. I’m gonna try to have a post on Monday, but it might have to happen on Tuesday instead so bare with me.

I saw this cocktail on a menu a while back and wanted to make it at home to save on the cost. I found a recipe which had all the things I had and we gave it a try. It’s good but it’s missing the chocolate taste. Maybe adding a squirt of chocolate syrup in there would be a good idea. It’s not a really strong drink so it’ll work as an after dinner sweet drink. I would almost recommend just shake it in the ice and pour in a martini glass.

Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail
(Adapted from 1001 cocktails)
1 ounce coffee liqueur (kahlua)
1 ounce hazelnut liqueur (frangelico)
1 ounce irish cream (bailey’s)
5 ounces milk
Pour into a hurricane glass filled with ice cubes. Top with milk, stir well, and serve.

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