First off WELCOME FALL!!! Woohoo cold front rolled in dropping the temps down to low 70’s for the weekend. I’ve been dieing to try this recipe for a spiked hot chocolate while I’m curled up with my hubby by the fire and it’s about time I get to enjoy it. The liquor was a little strong overall, but tasted really good with the whipping cream on top. I decided to mix it in before I poured it in the cups so I didn’t have to mess with stirring it and messing up how pretty they look. So cut back a little and then try it worse case you’ll be warmed up in no time with making it the way the recipe says.
Chocolate Nudge
(Adapted from Spec’s Liquor magazine mailer)
16 ounces whole milk
7 tablespoons sweet ground Ghirardelli (I used Nestle milk Chocolate Chips)
2 ounces Kahlua
2 ounces Amaretto
Freshly whipped cream
In a saucepan, gradually heat milk.
While heating, add chocolate and stir until steaming.
Pour into two over-sized coffee mugs. Add equal parts Kahlua and Amaretto to each. Top with whipped cream sprinkled with a little ground chocolate.

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