First up are the cookies. A friend of mine is a huge ladybug fan and so for her birthday I made a bunch of super cute ladies to wish her the best day ever! There’s super simple to do and kids would love to help with these.

These turn out super sweet with all the candy they make your eyes blur. haha

Ladybug Cookies

1 pacakge Pillsbury sugar cookies
1 can white frosting
red food coloring

Slice and bake cookies per the directions on the package. I rolled them in a ball first to make sure they baked in a circle.

While cookies are baking, tint your frosting to the desired darkness.

Once cookies have cooled, ice and set aside.

I took a package of Twizzlers and seperated the strands in clums of two then clipped off the desired length and placed on the center of the cookie.

Next decorate with the M&M’s.

Now we got the sweet tooth taken care of on to the fun. This past Saturday we were able to attend the George Strait tour with a group of friends. First we tailgated, which was a mistake because it felt 105 degrees out and once we got more cars around us the breeze we had stopped. Overall we really had a great time and of course you can’t beat the heat any other way then good music and great friends!

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