The party was a huge success! The hot weather melting our ice cream didn’t stop the fun we had either.

I checked the weather a few days earlier and what do you know the clouds were scheduled to part the day of the party woohoo!

On Wednesday the shipment of ice cream arrived.

The day of the party we decided to BBQ a few things for dinner before the party started.

While I was starting to set up my hubby got a quick shot of me.

We asked the neighbors to bring a dessert or ice cream topping to share and boy did they, we had a full table of things to pick from. Over all the party was a lot of fun and we vowed to start doing a block party at least once a month. A special thank you to Dreyer’s Ice Cream for hosting the contest.

Here’s some of the pictures from the party:

Here’s my essay that got us the party:

What makes a neighborhood a place you want to raise a family and feel like everyone is already part of your family? It’s the people who care about others besides their selves. It’s the kids that want to make a difference and volunteer at the social events. It’s the neighbors who organize events to welcome new neighbors and make you feel like you’ve been part of them for years. They don’t pass judgment and they like to have a good time. My neighborhood is the neighborhood you want to be a part of. Whether it’s movie night in the park or friendly competitions we make you want to join in and be a part of the action. Why does my neighborhood deserve a Slow Churned Party? We deserve it to show that no good deed goes unnoticed, that the appreciation for everyone who is encouraged to get out and be involved pays off and make a neighborhood a true neighborhood. Seven Meadows in Katy, Texas is more then just another neighborhood, it’s a place where you form life long bonds and feel safe knowing that other people care the same as you do.

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