I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves is hanging pictures on the wall. Either I can’t get them straight or it has 2 or 3 hooks on the back of the frame and I end up with 5 holes in the wall praying that they don’t combine and make 1 giant one. Most of the time I sucker my hubby into attaching a wire so I can just put one hole in the wall, but there’s got to be a better way!

Well after staring off in my craft room the other night trying to think of an easy way to hang my pictures on the wall I came up with the best idea ever. I figured I could recycle a little and use the scrap pieces of the boarder of my pop dots I use for scrapbooking.

I cut the left over boarder into little strips and doubled up the layer so it would be thicker then the depth of the frame. I then attached the pop dot boarders to the hooks on the back of the frame.

Gently pick the frame up and press it on the wall. (I had my hubby hold the leveler on top of the frame before I pressed it all the way) When you pull the frame off the wall the pop dots stick.

Use the pop dots as a guide to where you need to place your nail. Once your nail is in remove the pop dots from the wall and dispose of them.

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