I realized I haven’t done a breakfast post in a while so I thought I would post one our favorites. My dad makes this every time we visit my parents so I started making it for my husband since he loves it so much. It’s a traditional Mexican dish except our version uses tortilla chips instead of corn tortillas. You can eat it like it is, add hot sauce or wrap it in a tortilla like a burrito. Any way you eat it it’s pretty tasty. We often add in some pan fried potatoes which is also delicious.

3/4 pound chorizo sausage, casings removed and crumbled (any breakfast sausage will work)
dash of Mrs. Dash
dash of Tony’s
4 eggs
1/4 cup tortilla chips, crumbled
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
4 flour tortillas, if desired

Cook and stir chorizo over medium high heat until well browned and crumbled.

Beat eggs in a bowl with seasoning, and add to chorizo mixture. Reduce heat to medium-low, and continue cooking and stirring until eggs are scrambled and no longer runny.

Once cooked, turn burner off, stir in tortilla chips and top with cheese; allowing it to melt as you prepare your tortillas. Warm flour tortillas in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Spoon mixture into the middle of each tortilla and top with hot sauce if desired. Roll up like a burrito, and enjoy!

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