Oh my how I feel like I’m in another time zone! It’s been go go go for 2 weeks now and we’re in the home stretch of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo which means 4 more nights I’ll be up there. Adding them all up I’ll be there a total of 11 out of 20 nights. That is better then I’ve done in the past where I’ve only missed 2 nights, but it’s still a long 3 weeks when I’m in the office Monday-Friday at 7am! I’m too old for this! 😛
Anyway I hope everyone had a safe Friday the 13th! It was raining here and didn’t get out of the mid 60’s. Saturday we attended the Steer Auction where our family buys a steer each year. (No, we don’t get to keep it, but it does fill up the freezer and we get the hide as well as a nice belt buckle.) This year was my husband and I’s year to pick the steer. We rotate every couple of years as to who gets the hide. We already have a black one and a light brown and white one, but I was looking for a more dapple color this time. There’s only so much you can do with a huge steer hide so I’m trying to get creative and see what all I can have made with it. Any ideas? I took some deer hides from my husband’s last hunt and had some pillows made and I have some scraps that I can make into a belt and badge holder when I find the free time. The hide belts start at $150 all the way up to $500. I can make one for way less then that!

Ok, enough about that, back to the day. They provide a huge breakfast and when I say huge I mean a big honking steak, eggs, fruit, biscuit and gravy, sweet breads, sausage, bacon potatoes, and more.

After you eat we all move and get herded like cattle (hehe I had to say it) to relocate to the auction room.

Here’s the steer I really wanted and got out bid by $500:

This year we split the total money we had to buy 2 steers:

We get our group photo taken and then off the steer goes to market. I don’t know why I bother asking people to take our picture I don’t think anyone knows how to zoom. I wonder why I go through the trouble of telling them how to when they’re not gonna do it anyway.

We headed back home to let the dog out and pick up a friend then headed back out for the performance of Josh Turner. If you don’t know who he is you should look him up he has a deep country voice and he’s a cutie. 🙂

Sunday we attended a local brewery called Saint Arnold’s for their annual Saint Patricks Day party.

They filled 2 bourbon casks with imperial stout last year and they tapped those barrels for the party. We also got a commemorative pint glass.

Drinking from 1-4pm was a little more then what I needed making it a rough start to the day today.

So now here it is on Monday and I have to go back out to the Rodeo to work a shift tonight. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and going straight home after work to my nice big bed and sleeping the night away.

This week I promise I’ll have a recipe as soon as I finish uploading and sorting my pictures.

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day from Thing 1 and Thing 2!!!

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