Due to hurricane Ike, the Texas Rice Festival in Winnie, Texas was canceled this past weekend which opened up another opportunity on an invite to head to Fredricksberg, Texas for their Oktoberfest with a couple of our friends. We had a great time and ate way too much. After popping in and out of the local shops I have to say my favorite was Rustlin Rob’s. I bought a jar of Praline Pecan Honey Butter. I’m not sure what all to make with it, but after having it on a cracker I could probably just eat it out of the jar. They did have a suggestion list for it’s uses and I’m sure I can come up with something so I’m looking forward to whatever comes to mind.

I don’t have a recipe for today just a few photos. I’ll have pictures of the new fridge tomorrow since I didn’t get to spend time with it over the weekend.

Of course we find the cutout board and want to take pictures after one too many beers and did I mention it’s dark out by then? Still makes me laugh, but at least it turned out. I think I’m getting too old for this. 🙂

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