I usually make a stock pile of these when my husband goes hunting that way he can wrap up what he wants in foil and heat it over the fire and they’re quick and easy to eat. I decided to make some this past weekend to use up some eggs I had. What I like most is that you can add whatever you like to it. Most of the time I do cheese and bacon or breakfast sausage, but this time I added some seasoned taco meat I made for enchiladas. Some pan fried potatoes are also really good in these.
Breakfast Tacos
Makes 2
2 eggs
1 teaspoon Mrs. Dash
1 teaspoon cayanne pepper or red pepper flakes
Lightly butter a small skillet.

Beast eggs and seasoning together and our into hot pan.

Cook the same as you would do an omelet. Once once side is finished flip the egg over and cook the other side.

Using the spatula cut egg in 4 slices.

If you are adding a lot of toppings then use 1 slice of egg per taco and you will make 4, otherwise add 2 slices of egg to each taco. Add desired toppings then roll up.

Don’t forget to save those egg shells. For an easy craft project thoroughly clean each shell and allow to dry. Add confetti, crushed egg shells, hole punches or shredded paper. For a less messy version fill with candy or toys. Using small scraps of tissue paper cover the opening hole and glue down the sides.

My mom makes these for her church to sell at the annual festival to help raise money and let me tell you they’re a hot item!

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