This week has been one of those crazy weeks and when we get home I have to find something to cook for dinner and have little time to do it. We had some leftover chicken tenders and while I’m sure it was enough to fill my husband and I up I decided to turn it into a salad to make it extra hardy. I’ve seen this on menus before as hot wings are the happening thing in restaurants so I decided to do my own version a while back and it seems to go over well with the hubby.

I start with tossing my lettuce with the dressing of choice. Ranch or Caesar is usually our favorite. Then I heat up the leftover chicken. (Chicken nuggets, grilled chicken or chicken any way you can think of can also be used instead.)

Grocery stores have plenty of sauces on the shelf, but for this meal I went with a hot wing sauce from one of our favorite wing places – Buffalo Wild Wings called Mango Habanero. This can be swapped for BBQ sauce as well. I cut up my chicken into bite size pieces and then coated them in the sauce.

Next I topped off my lettuce with the coated chicken and sprinkled on some Parmesan cheese and croutons. Yummy!

Spicy Buffalo Wild Wing Salad
sauce of choice

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