I’m trying to get back on track it’s been a hard time lately loosing our sweet dog. Summer is right around the corner and now that the weather is getting nicer out we love to grill more. This marinade really soaks in the meat and does well with the beef.

Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade
(Adapted from Plays Well with Butter)

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2 pounds meat or veggies of choice
½ cup bourbon (see Recipe Notes)
⅓ cup brown sugar, firmly packed
¼ cup balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon whole grain mustard
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped or grated
1 teaspoon dried rosemary (or 1 tablespoon freshly chopped)
optional: pinch crushed red pepper flakes
kosher salt & ground black pepper, to season

Mix the brown sugar bourbon: Add the bourbon, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, mustard, garlic, rosemary, & crushed red pepper flakes, if using, to a bowl or jar. Season with 2 teaspoons kosher salt & ground black pepper, as desired. Whisk or shake to combine.

Marinate: Pour the bourbon marinade over your meat or veggies of choice. Marinate at least 6 hours or up to overnight.

Grill as desired. Enjoy!

Bourbon: There’s no need to grab a top-shelf bourbon in for this bourbon marinade recipe since it’s being mixed with other flavor-forward ingredients like balsamic, mustard, & rosemary. We always have a handle of Jim Beam on hand, & it does the trick here!

Suggested marinade time: Marinating time will vary based on the type of protein you’d like to use. Having tested this Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade recipe with a variety of different proteins & a variety of different marinating times, here’s what I suggest:

Seafood – At least 20 minutes & no more than 1 hour.
Chicken & pork – At least 6 hours & up to 3 days.
Beef & lamb – At least 12 hours & up to 3 days.
Veggies – At least 20 minutes or up to 5 days.
10-Minute Meal Prep: If you’d like to marinate something beyond the suggested marinade times above but would like to do some meal prep, I suggest prepping the marinade in advance. Store it in a jar or an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days – the flavors meld together even more as the marinade sits. When you’re ready to start marinating (refer to the suggested marinating times above), simply give it the marinade a shake & pour it over whatever meat or veggies you’re using it on – easy!

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