A newly opened Pearl and Vine moved into the area. I’m so in love with this property and how well they have decorated it. I didn’t get any photos of the inside, but if you check their website they have stunning photos to share. The outdoor space is really lovely with a firepit and green space.

Hubby started out with an Old Fashion $13 and said it was nicely done. They also offer a smoked version.

I ordered the grilled gulf oysters $17 (roasted garlic butter and cheese, bourbon barbeque, chimichurri, stuffed jalapeño). I chose the roasted garlic butter and cheese. They hard a perfect amount of smoky grilled flavor without over cooking the oysters. While I recommend them based on flavor, the price was a little steep for 6 oysters.

Our friends ordered the ‘elote’ caesar $11 (heart of romaine, caesar, grilled corn, cilantro, cornbread crouton, cotija, tajin). This is a split plate so the portion is larger if you got the full serving. Honestly one of my favorites from the night. I have to learn how to recreate this at home!

We got a fire grilled salmon $25 (cauliflower, tasso, green beans) I think they must have changed up the sides with it, but never the less the corn mixture was delicious.

My son ordered the burger $15 (brioche bun, lettuce, pickle, aioli, fries). He’s a little picky when it comes to burgers and really likes high end ones. This one while good, didn’t do it for him and ended up a little overcooked.

For the table we shared a sharp mac n cheese $9. It was good, no complaints.

We also ordered the goat cheese au gratin $9. This was soooo good! The potatoes where cooked perfectly and of course you can’t go wrong with goat cheese. The sauce was nice and creamy. This is another item I’ll be trying to re-create at home!

For dessert we tried 3 different ones. First up the chocolate espresso crumb cake $9 (warm salted caramel, chocolate dome). While it doesn’t look like much it came out with a chocolate dome which they poured hot salted caramel sauce on to melt it. I highly recommend ordering this one.

Next up the banana foster crème brulee $9 (spiced rum, bananas, vanilla crumble). I really wanted to love this. The bananas where nice and thin and the custard was perfect, but it lacked that banana fosters flavor you get from the punch of rum. It’s like they put way too much banana extract in the custard and that’s all you tasted.

Lastly we tried the peanut butter cheesecake $9 (chocolate crust, vanilla whip, peanut brittle). This had the perfect balance of peanut butter and creamy cheesecake. The slice is also big enough to share.

So will we go back. The prices area little higher than I like to spend for a night out, but the atmosphere makes us feel like where are in the city. They use good quality ingredients such as wagyu which will justify some prices. I would love to go back during happy hour to try some of their other cocktails and appetizers. This place is perfect if you are looking for an upscale environment or a place to celebrate or even a dressy casual dinner.

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