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If you come to my house on any given day you’ll be smothered with Star Wars figures, cars, legos, you name it (and it’s Star Wars) I’m pretty sure we have it, not to mention Alexa playing the death march loud and proud! I did this meal for movie night when The Last Jedi came out on video. My son LOVED it and now I find myself dreaming up more theme dinners lol. Hubby got a kick out of it too. So what did we do you ask?

I make mini pizzas that where looked like the Death Star

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I made little Yoda Jell-O’s out of lime Jell-O, topped with whipped cream and then some chocolate candy melts I shaped like ears. Of course served with blue milk!

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For movie time I coated pretzels with more candy melt to make mini light sabers for the trail mix.

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I’m sure you’re still laughing at my little BB-8! She hates dressing up, but come on it’s a theme party right!!

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Oh one last thing…I printed off a would you rather game from Pinterest and this was a huge hit during dinner! Gotta love the internet! We do this now for theme dinners and it’s a lot of fun and you learn new things about your family.

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Make family night more fun with easy themes, trust me the kiddos will talk about it for a long time. It’s created some of the best memories for us!

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