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I love trying out new techniques in the kitchen and I’ve always seen people make things out of solid chocolate and figured it can’t be that hard to do, so I found a site that kind of outlined the process. I did mine not so thick. The couple I made it for don’t eat a ton of sweets so I didn’t want them left with a lifetime supply of chocolate. You could also stuff it with cake through the opening as well.

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First you need a knife to remove the label. Then take off the cap and ring around the bottle neck. Cut a rectangle in the back of the bottle. You will use this opening to fill the chocolate and cake if desired.

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Next using a double boiler, I melted a bag of milk chocolate chips.

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I added cling wrap between the bottle lid and the chocolate to keep it from sticking. Coat the inside of the bottle with chocolate. I then stuck it in the freezer to cool quickly then did another layer of chocolate. If you wanted a solid chocolate bottle fill the bottle with chocolate then allow to cool.

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Next use the knife to peel off the bottle.

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Wrap the bottle with the label and attached the bottle cap and ring.

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Here’s how I made the cork candle holders. I used a smaller screwdriver and poked it a few times till the candle fit in just right.

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