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Summer is here people! Do you know what that means? Flies!!! I swear as soon as we take off the grill cover here they come. Wanna snack outside there’s a fly. Well if you are sick of swatting at them let me share a little secrete I’ve got. Recently at my cousin’s wedding we had a family crawfish boil and let me tell you they where EVERYWHERE! The next evening we had the rehearsal dinner same location and outside I put out some lemon slices sprinkled with ground cloves and bam not a fly in site the whole night!! It works best if you put it out about an hour before you start to grill or have food set out. I’ve tried it with lemons cut in half and sliced lemons, whole cloves and ground cloves. It works any way. You can cover them and pop in the fridge and reuse them for a few days too.

Cheers to being fly free this Summer!

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