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We love sushi, but I don’t always have time to make it with our crazy busy schedule. I had this idea while walking past the sushi station at HEB why don’t I just make like easier and make a sushi bowl rather than going through the trouble of making a roll. I bought the sashimi tuna and salmon then made sushi rice at home and dumped all my toppings on top. It was so easy and still tasted just as good as a roll. $11 for the fish was enough for 2 people, plus toppings you’ll still come out cheaper than $10 a roll if you bought it pre-made.

There’s really no recipe to this you add what you like.

Cook sushi rice per package directions.

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Add toppings. We used avocado, salmon, tuna, imitation crab meat, Sriracha mayo, match stick carrots, panko, nori sheet roughly chopped, ginger, sesame seeds.

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