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Last minute dinners don’t get any easier than this. Friday I posted the broccoli side dish I made with this salmon. I added some avocado I had leftover from tacos on the top of my fish. I prepped the fish that morning by cutting the filet in half and adding the seasoning. The sauce I made on the stove top since we grilled our salmon. I like it grilled it gives it a more blackened taste and adds to the flavor.

Sweet & Spicy Peach Glazed Salmon

(Adapted from Mountain Momma Cooks)


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2 boneless salmon fillets (1/2 lb each)

1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning

1 teaspoon brown sugar

1-2 teaspoons vegetable oil

1 heaping tablespoon peach jam

1/2 lime, juiced, about 2 teaspoons

Combine the Cajun seasoning and brown sugar in a small bowl.


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Rub the mixture evenly over the two pieces of salmon. Heat vegetable oil in a non stick pan over medium-high heat.


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Cook salmon (depending on thickness) about 4 minutes each side.


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Blend the peach preserves and lime juice; add to the hot pan and swirl around gently to coat the fish and allow the sauce to thicken.


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Remove fish from pan and pour any sauce over the salmon.

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