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Are you ready for the 4th of July? If you are looking for some last minute things to bring to that pot luck party I’ve got you covered!

First up are some cookies I made this week. My son finally tried pop rocks for the first time and loved them. These cookies are super easy to assemble. All you need is to bake sugar cookies, ice them and then sprinkle on some red and blue pop rocks. They’ll crackle in your mouth like the fireworks on the 4th of July!

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We had a 4th of July celebration with our co-op group this week and one of the moms made this cute fruit tray flag!

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Staying at home with a toddler is no easy chore. Although our calendar stays pretty full between all the playgroup activities, co-op group, playdates, etc. There’s still always some down time I’m trying to fill. Luckily my son likes to craft and paint and this was an easy one to make fireworks using a toilet paper roll. It’s also a great motor skill working on scissor usage to cut all the lines. I just put some read and blue paint on a plate and let him dip away. Before it dries you can add some glitter to really make the picture sparkle.


Here’s another alternative we did with our co-op group using straws rubber banned or taped together.

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The next one we did was a flag. I don’t have a finished picture of how it turned out, but I’ll show you examples of how I intend for the finished project to look.

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Once it dries I’ll add white stars to the blue section and then print the following saying I found HERE. I like to do handprint crafts around a holiday to add to the scrapbook showing his hand or feet sizes growing.

4th of July Handprint Flag Craft Wording

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