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Peska Seafood & Culture is located off Post Oak near the Galleria in town. We almost passed it up, they are next to Whole Foods on the bottom level of an office building.

As you walk inside you see of the “market” items available. You can buy all the ingredients including fresh seafood and take it home to cook yourself.

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Once seated while we looked over the menu they brought out some rolls with butter. The butter was topped with a herb blend. A little too much for me, but it was a nice change to just plain butter.

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We where also brought a fish crudité. I forgot what type of fish they used, but it got us excited for the meal to come. 

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The waiter brought out a huge platter with all the fresh seafood on the menu tonight for us to see.

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We decided to start with the Sea Urchin $23. This was on my bucket list of items to try in my lifetime and I was beyond excited to finally give it a try, When the platter came it was a little overwhelming. Basically you take a little urchin and add the desired toppings for your bite. They had such things as pickled veggie, red onion, ponzu and jalapeno. There really isn’t any taste to the sea urchin so I see why they have so many condiments to add. I thought it would be super fishy, but it was really light and refreshing.

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We also ordered the Yucateco Ceviche $15 (lime juice, octopus, shrimp, conch, habanero sauce, avocado, cilantro. Holy mother is the habanero sauce no joke it’s pretty spicy. We like heat so we gobbled it down.

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Red Snapper with Talla Sauce $28 per pound ours ended up being $70 total. Little more than I would like to spend on a fish, but it was really tasty. They brought us a sample of all the sauces they offer as well. The Talla Sauce we chose was still the best for this fish, it had a nice smoky taste from the grill.

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Pappardelle Al Mare $29 Added Freshwater Prawns $35 (Calamari, Little Neck Clams, Garlic, White Wine, Butter, Parsley). We probably didn’t need to add on the freshwater prawns, but how could you not? They are like a little mini lobster. Cooked perfectly on the grill and melts right in your mouth!

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Truffle Mashed Potatoes $7. Mmmmm whipped to perfection, and covered with plenty of truffle oil, you won’t be disappointed with this side dish.

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We ended up tallying up a $200 bill, but it was totally worth it. I would love to go back (and spend less) next time. This place is great and they know how to cook seafood perfectly. I can’t wait to try some other dishes in the future.

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