I love a good fun party! The ladies in the picture with me above have to be one of the best group of ladies I’ve ever co-hosted a party with ever! Stress-free, and a whole lot of fun makes for a great party. We had the pleasure of throwing a baby shower for 2 of the moms in our playgroup who are due in January. The problem throwing a shower is it’s mixed in the holiday season so we embraced that, keeping decorating cost at zero. Since it’s their second baby and no pregnant mom ever feels super glam we thought a tacky sweater party would be fun. Luckily they loved the idea and so we rolled with it.

Nothing is more fun than a good theme party. I love going all in for it too. I used some cheap pumps from Walmart and some leftover Christmas decor to make these matching shoes to my my outfit.


For my sweater I used an old one from my grandmother, dressed it up with a battery pack of lights and hot glued some extra findings I had laying around. I also put some $1 store gloves on the back to “feel the joy”. I didn’t have time to spell that out on the back side, but I plan to add that in the future.


On to one of the main things around a party the food! For some reason I thought this time would be a great time to do a food tree. I’ve always wanted to do one, I just didn’t realize how much work it would be. Using cake balls I made it took me 3 hours to do this thing!!! I used this recipe to make the cake balls (Click HERE). I made a red cake with vanilla cake mix then used green candy melts for the coating. I used a knife to coat the tops and sides, then once hardened I did the bottom and stuck a toothpick in to harden on there.

IMG_1220 (800x600)IMG_1222 (800x600)

Next I poked holes on a craft cone I found at Hobby Lobby and covered it in foil.

IMG_1221 (800x600)

Once it’s all assembled it looks like this:

IMG_1223 (600x800)

How cute are these glasses? They are milk jars that we added stickers too then wrote our names with removeable wine markers then we used them to serve wine in.

IMG_4543 (533x800)

Here’s a look at some other things we had, including a hot chocolate bar, wine, sparkeling grape juice, a diaper message table

IMG_4548 (800x533)IMG_4552 (800x533)IMG_4571 (800x533)IMG_4555 (800x533)IMG_4556 (800x533)IMG_4576 (800x533)

For food I made Mini Crab Cakes, Jalapeno Popper Pigs in a Blanket shaped like a wreath, Mini Quiche, Mediterranean Tortellini Salad, Sticky Asian Cocktail Sausages, Boudain Balls, Fruit and Cheese Platter shaped like a tree, and to keep it trashy a can of spray cheese.

IMG_4580 (800x533)IMG_4581 (800x533)IMG_4574 (800x533)IMG_4546 (800x533)IMG_4568 (800x533)IMG_6312IMG_4554 (533x800)IMG_4569 (533x800)

And you know you are with a bunch of moms when you have a section on your table that looks like this hahaha:

IMG_4582 (800x533)

Congrats Melissa and Lindsey I can’t wait to meet ya’lls baby girls!


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