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One pot dishes make life so much easier so why not? The only suggestion I have is amp up the seasoning. Also if you can use a sodium free chicken stock I recommend it. I doubled the recipe and it was too salty and under seasoned. If you make those adjustments it should taste better.

One Pot Wonder Cajun Chicken Alfredo

(Adapted from The Wholesome Dish)


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2 tbsp. olive oil

1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into bite size chunks

2 tsp. Cajun seasoning (I used Weber N’Orleans Cajun)

6 garlic cloves, minced

1 ½ cups chicken broth

1 cup milk (I used 2%)

8 oz. dried fettuccine pasta (half of a 1 pound box)

⅓ cup grated parmesan cheese


Add the oil to a large pot (or large high sided skillet). Place over medium-high heat for two minutes. Add the chicken and the Cajun seasoning. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.


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Add the garlic. Cook 1 minute, stirring often.


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Add the broth and milk. Break the pasta in half and add it to the pot. Cover and bring to a rapid, rolling boil, stirring occasionally. *Note: Watch the pot carefully during the beginning of the cooking process as milk tends to boil over easily.


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Reduce the heat to medium-low and let the pasta simmer, covered, for 8-13 minutes. Stir every 2-3 minutes to prevent sticking. Cook until there is ¼ to ½ inch of liquid in the bottom of the pot.


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Remove the pot from the heat. Stir in the parmesan cheese. Serve immediately.

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